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Programa del 11 de Octubre 2017

14 octubre 2017 Englishwednesday

Miercoles 11 de Octubre de 2017 de 11h a 12h en RKB  106.9fm, ,  programa English Radio (Miercoles)

We’re back! A bit of a shaky start to Season 2 (our technician is apparently still on the beach) but we’re definitely back! We decided to avoid the Spain-Catalonia crisis this week, too, and discuss the “other news” that we know you want to hear about: Harvey Weinstein’s dressing gown, Donald Trump’s IQ, Google’s tax bill, Napoleon’s penis, Boris Johnson’s middle names, Rajoy’s marathon, Gwyneth & Brad (& Angelina), Xavi’s ukulele, and the first woman to walk in space. It’s all here and much more in the podcast of The Weekly Noticias.​ Show No.11 (or Season 2, Show No.1, if you prefer). Hosted by Tim Parfitt, ​with guests Xavier CastellsJon GrovesViveka Nilsson & Myriam Harrag​. Video coming soon … in the meantime please like, share and enjoy this Soundcloud podcast. We’ll be back on Weds 18th Oct.